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    snooze button

    Mornings like yesterday its easy to hit the snooze button and roll over for another hour of sleep...rain was falling hard on the roof, it was darker than ...


    ball of energy

      Just after sunset last night one single cloud appeared on the horizon on a otherwise perfectly clear night, there was no breeze, it was balmy and very still ...


    how’s your arms going

    Those summer east swells have kept the wave tap running just enough that its hard to catch a breath huh? hows your summer surf-time going?? The ole paddling ...


    land views

    I haven't shot surf action from the land since early December really, so I dusted off the 400mm and and 70-200 lens and set up for a shoreline ...


    contrasting moods

    The southern corners got a "look in" this morning after days of north winds. It was grey and gloomy, but the south wind - east swell combo turned ...


    natures chiropractor

    A new boost in east swell this morning left the beach-breaks a little wobbly despite some really light offshore winds at dawn. The search was on and we ...


    new years resolutions

    Hows your new 2015 going so far?? getting some resolutions into action?? maybe you want to go surfing more this year, get fitter, surf better, see more sunrises, ...

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    Harley telos

    Harley get shacked in the Telos

    Harley's first ever attempt with the GoPro camera landed him a cover-shot on Australian Longboarding magazine and the same picture was run massive in Time Square New York as a AD for GoPro...this was many years ago now, hard to ...



    Our favourite local teen film-maker Macauley Rae has been at it again...and again its with Brett Caller and again its a little cracker of a surf clip. Brett ...


    homemade – mini simmons

    After repairing a surfboard that I run over in my car (a board which I called a “write off”) me brother Joe got the gist of a few ...

    shanahans smoothstars

    The Shanahan’s

    One of my favourite little "Surfing Families" the Shanahan's from Wooli have just had a short video clip made about their love for the cross-training surfing tool "Smoothstar" skateboards. It talks and shows their very cool surfing lifestyle ...

    kelly urban jungle

    urban jungle – kelly slater

    KELLY SLATER X URBAN JUNGLE from Jon Hechtkopf on Vimeo.

    abiding tides

    Abiding Tides | brett caller x mac rae

    Abiding Tides from Macauley Rae on Vimeo.

    the salt trail

    the salt trail

    The Salt Trail // TRAILER from The Salt Trail on Vimeo.

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    The Wizard ESP

    the wizard

    Ed Sinnott handed this sweet looking board over to me just a few days before I left to Indo. We were going through major flat spell ...

    ESP sled

    ESP surfboard review

    I now know first hand that Ed Sinnott makes amazing surfboards. His history in board building is long and varied. First starting back in 1976 he has ...


    Tools new tail pads

    The crew at Tools surf products are really getting things going at the moment. We recently reviewed their legropes and wax scrapers ...

    Screen shot 2011-07-16 at 10.34.13 PM


    I was out surfing with a mate the other day and we were shooting the breeze about all manner of things between sets, ole Steve always has some ...

    vertra title

    VERTRA protection

    Sun screen is part of a surfers everyday life now.. it would be better if there was no need for it, but if you are going to ...

    heart n sea cover

    The Heart & the Sea

    No surf film I have ever seen better portrays the fact that surfing is for everyone like Nathan Oldfield’s new film “The Heart and the ...

    Tools leggies

    Tools Legropes

    The crew from Tools surf products have sent us some of their new legrope models recently and we have being putting them to the test over ...

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  • Featured stuff:


    Greater Clarity – More Energy

    Last Winter I took part in a 6-week meditation course run by the super inspiring Michael King from Wholly Human.....and just before images of a bunch of ponytailed ...


    super brand sleds at XS surf

      XS have just started up with the "Super branded" surfboards and already there been some great interest in these fine looking shapes. With team riders like ...

    wizard 5 9 layout

    ESP wizard part 2

    Ed Sinnott from ESP surfboards in Byron Bay has increased my surf stoke ten fold over the last year and half with boards that are ...


    XS surf board sale

    Less than 2 weeks is all the time you have to get 10% off any of stock boards (price at over $600) at XS surf Woolgoolga. The crew ...


    Healthy Pizzas? Kingy show you how..

    I’ve got a real treat for you today. I know so many people who love to eat pizzas but then struggle with pizza guilt and a sluggish feeling body for days. Sluggish body and a guilty mind be gone! Yes that’s ...

    friends for life SISS

    Free trial lesson at Woopi and Sawtell!!

    Solitary Islands Surf School is Launching into the new season of Vegemite SurfGroms with Free Trial/Regestration Lessons at the following venues:Saturday 20th ...

    FBK-224flatbreads wholly human

    worlds best flatbreads with Kingy

    If you’re like most people I know then you rely on some type of store bought bread as an easy, cheap, filling quick-fix food – even ...