chop 30th november

messy wind swell from the north east continues with onshore winds again today, rain clouds first thing delayed my surf shooting until the afternoon, it did stop raining but a mix of south-east to north east winds meant both sides of the headlands were looking a little ugly. Finally got the camera out for a few minutes just before 3pm, more just to record the day than chase an amazing shot.

Brett Caller still found ways to have some fun in the small chop

this dude surfs a fair bit


This Saturday (4th Dec) is the end of year presentation for the Coffs Boardriders. Its going to be kicking off at 5pm in the Greenhouse Tavern. I have been putting together some video footage from this year event and have almost finished, its gonna run for about 25 minutes and will have a slide show of all the still pics from this years comp.

Below is borrowed off the Coffs boardrider facebook page. If you are on facebook and coming CLICK HERE RSVP…  I think they need a rough idea on numbers.

ok peeps,the end of another year..came down to the wire towards the end and the last comp was a decider for alot of surfers..was good to see..well we have our prezo night this sat being the 4th dec..starting at arnd 5pm till when till late..we have finger food supplied and some drinks for the young ones..we are hoping that all friends and families of competiters and the super groms will attend..will be a fun night with a few guest speakers for the groms and some footage of the year with slide shows as well provided by stsurf images..we hope that all of you can and will attend,,but please RSVP if ya can of how many with each of you will be going as we need a good idea of numberS for the food…looking forward to seeing you all there sat night..

SomeBarrels from WHO CARES on Vimeo.

Killer tube riding in Indo. It goes for about 5 minutes, but do yourself a favour and at least watch the first 2 minutes which has Craig Anderson with the coolest barrel stance in some solid indo juice…Asher Pacey and Ozzie Wright in the mix too