harley’s chance at a 100 large

We found out a few days ago that Harley Ingleby is in the top five surfers with the most votes on the latest Innersection DVD competition…. the winner gets $100,000 and considering Harley was just stoked to make the International DVD for starters (top 20 surf clips got through) He is over the moon to be currently ranking as one of the chances to make a bucket load of cash. So if you have brought the DVD and you haven’t used the voting card that comes with it … can you pretty please get online and chuck a vote Harely’s way?? its so close your vote may mean a local could win this amazing prize. Anyone that became a premium member of Innersection also gets a chance to vote. Its only $14 to join as premium member and you get a free download of the entire innersection movie. Get online here join up and flow a vote Harley’s way before the 29th March… below is a recently released clip of the B-grade leftover stuff we filmed for the innersection clip…. there’s still some pretty Rad stuff amongst it!!

Leftovers from the innersection cut

You don’t see many people in the world get longboards into these sorts of positions… shreds on all types of boards… and that’s rare!

Harley and I want to thank everyone for their support with this so far… we are stoked!
Even “Surfing Life” magazine has done a little website piece on him check it here

Don’t forget to go to the movies this weekend!!

Deeper Shade of Blue.. the new film from master lensman Jack McCoy will be showing on the big screen for this weekend only. It’s a must see big screen movie… click here to find out session times and see the trailer!