La Nina 3rd december

Don’t know about you, but I’m sick of “La Nina” already… she can pack her bags and bugger off anytime she likes. A puddle free backyard and some summer sun on my back is what’s required this time of year, not to mention the struggle I am having trying to get a slice of light to make these daily photos looks half decent. Still the La Nina cycle might also means we will get plenty of swell from the north-east and so far it has saved us from any length spring/summer flat spells that we sometimes get this time of year. Weekend is looking okay with light winds and a head high swell increasing further on Sunday and into Monday.

*This Saturday is the Coffs Boardriders prezo night!! it all kicks off at 5pm and we will be screening the Coffs boardriders season video. Check the bottom of this post for the trailer.

Had to go for the black n white look today… not much colour in the ocean this week.. two pics above taken around 9.30am

We have just added another 20 images to our sunsets/sunrises gallery of the saltwater classics collection. There hasn’t been the greatest surf lately but we have been getting the odd sunrise. CLICK HERE to check em out (new ones are jumbled up amongst the oldies) some of these would make great wall hangings for christmas… check price list here * note we are now offering timber block mounts.. cheaper alternative to canvas and they look RAD!!! have some pics of them soon.

For the Roo lovers… taken early this year

New product review up on website today. We take a test drive of a quad set-up from Shapers…. CLICK HERE to see how to loosen up your quad finner.

Coffs Boardriders 2010 Trailer from Tom Woods on Vimeo.

This is a one minute trailer to a 25 minute film on the Coffs Harbour Boardriders 2010 season. Full show will be on at the Greenhouse tavern from 5pm Saturday 4th December, along with the presentations…. yew see you there!