look back at october

We are going to take a short pictorial glance back at the month of October today…. I figure you guys might be getting tired of looking at the one-foot waves that we have been getting for last 2 weeks. So below is a small collection of pics taken during that month. It wasn’t an amazing period of waves but there were a few choice moments in there…certainly better than what we have had so far in November.

Grommies having fun in some small stuff back on the 24th october

21st October was cracking…. a full morning a piping barrels!!

Jack Veale – before school surf on the 25th october

27th october was fairly decent… one of the better mornings

Harley’s forehand gaff throwing backlit spray skywards on the 20th october

support em

Big thanks to our sponsors Coopers, The surf club and Solitary Islands surf school for another month of great support…. you guys are the bomb!