mixed up 31st december

The swell is still hanging in there, overhead waves on the sets, but it was a little mixed up for the first couple of hours of light today. Two different swells colliding, so despite the perfect winds the waves aren’t really lining up like they should be. I checked four beaches and the story was the same at them all. The full tide wasn’t helping either. It should improve by mid morning with a dropping tide. The weather is bang on again, perfect sunshine… make the most it!

Lots of crew up early now its warmer and clear

There was the odd one out there…. I reckon it should improve later

Not too many days go by without Garth Mackie getting in the briney

some nice backlighting…ahhh it’s good to have the sun back

Two days ago the sun came out and the shore-breaks were full of super groms getting their first tastes of surf stoke! the first ride across moving water is something you never forget…. pictured above is a very surf stoked Thomas Woods

Have good new years….. see ya next week in 2011!