one hit 16th december

Yesterday’s swell spike turned out to be a one-hit wonder. Heard some reports of good arvo sessions last night, but most of it is gone this morning. Only knee high peelers lapping the beaches at first light. Conditions were prime and the water temps are lush, worth going for a paddle or at least a quick swim…. pack a fish or longboard.

Beach Roos having their morning dip

Stunning morning to be on the coast.


more happening with the wildlife than the surfing today

ankle biters… swell coming for the weekend hopefully

CLICK HERE to see more pics from this morning

The Pipe masters is back on and streaming live right now!! CLICK HERE to start watching…its not big pipe, but its pumping!

Mat and Kaori from Water Cafe are putting on an photographic exhibition this Sunday night (19th dec) from 6pm-8pm. Our stuff will be featured at the back of the shop. Will be starting to get our gear there in the next few days. More details in tomorrows post.