spring sleds 11th november

No point complaining about the lack of surf.. the bad winds… la la la.. just get out there and get what your given. Take this sorta attitude to the spring time waves and you come in smiling every time. Having a good grovelling board helps too and I reckon Johnny Craig has found himself a spring/summer board to conquer all. He was of course shredding on this wide little 5’9… I had a go myself and it went unreal…. there’s no bad waves just bad choices of boards.

I sorta blew it this morning, there was a nice sunrise…. and I only got the tail end of it….still pretty

7 O’clock looking more like 12 O’clock

glimpses of sun this morning before a thin overcast sky won out.

Girls who wanna surf – learn to surf, you better keep the 27th november free…. more details on this event coming to the site soon.

Click here to see what Matt Chojnacki been getting up to. He’s about to release a series of webisodes and this is a little trailer to get you frothing…

see ya tommorrow!