woopi boardriders 1st november

A new north-east swell has filled into our beaches this morning and a few of our backbeaches are loving the swell direction and light northwest winds. The average month of September is over and November is starting off on the right foot, the next few days are looking even better!! today’s pictures are from yesterday’s Woopi Boardriders meet. It was windy, overcast and only about 2-3 foot at best, but the boys were tearing it up. It’s getting close to the end of the year for the club, so their was a little bit of jostling for those top positions.

if the grommies aren’t out in the water you will generally find them huddling around the BBQ

Johnny Craig laying down some tracks in the Open’s final

Mark Merrikin busting fins all over the place….as usual

Post heat…. always get your best ones after the hooter sounds

micro grom on one of the clean ones

Zane Coleman… is this one and today’s homepage hero.

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