a dingo’s tale

Dean Morrison has a brand new profile film out called “A Dingo’s Tale” and guess what?? He’s coming to Sawtell to show it to us Coffs coasters!!

It’s been put on by surf film distributor VAS entertainment, Sawtell cinema and I think Sawtell legend Barney Miller has something to do with it all. Watching a surf film at a packed cinema is an awesome experience, especially when it features one of the best tube riders in surfing history. It not everyday we get a chance to see a new surf flick on the big screen, so I’d be grabbing this opportunity with both mitts.

7.30 at the Sawtell cinema 1st April (no joke)
From 7.30-8pm on 1st April is the meet and mingle with Dean Morrison and his crew then the movie kicks off around 8pm. Pretty sure there is going to be an after party happening at the Sawtee pub when the movie is done. Sounds like an epic night to me, hope to see you all there!!

$12 for Adults $8 for kids

If ya need more persuasion check out the trailer below